35% Alc Vol. 30ml serving size
Energy (kcal) 58
Energy (kJ) 243

Campari Group continues to be committed to encouraging responsible drinking worldwide.
Alcoholic beverages shall be consumed in moderation and in a social and convivial setting by adults of legal drinking age, always celebrating life in a positive way.

People under the legal drinking age must not drink alcoholic beverages; the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors could have negative physical and psychological consequences. The legal drinking age to consume alcoholic beverages is designed to protect minors at a time of physical and emotional development.
The consumption of alcoholic beverages must be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding since it could harm your developing baby. If you have questions, you can always discuss your drinking patterns with your doctor.
The consumption of alcoholic beverages above the legal limits in force for driving is not permitted before or while driving motor vehicles of any kind. The speed at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream is affected by many factors, including whether you have eaten, your age, size or sex. Local legal limits related to drinking and driving must always be observed.
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